Sacred Symbols

Tres Tribus is named for the three societies that came together from three surrounding valleys to create the capital of the Zapotec civilization in what is now Oaxaca.

Inspired by local traditions, each expression is represented by an animal with special significance to local mythology. These spirit animals are said to bridge Heaven, Earth and the Underworld.

Acoatl, The Snake

Connects the realm of the living and the realm of the dead.

Represented in Tres Tribus Espadín Capon Mezcal.

Balam, The Jaguar

One of the rulers of the underworld, Xibalba.

Represented in Tres Tribus Tobalá Mezcal.

Xaxaca, The Owl

Messenger serving the rulers of Xibalba.

Represented in Tres Tribus Cuishe Mezcal.

Cuacuahue, The Bull

A form taken by the shapeshifting witch that haunts the night.

Represented in Tres Tribus Ensamble Mezcal.

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