Protecting Flourishing Biodiversity

Tres Tribus is committed to preserving Oaxaca’s flourishing biodiversity.

Juan Coronel has a replanting program that replenishes agave harvested in the wild as well as trees used in the production process. For every wild agave he harvests, he replants four new ones. He also replants between 1,000 and 3,000 trees each year.

These include Encino oak trees, as well as pine, jarilla and fruit trees, such as peach and apple.

Environmentally Responsible

The only mezcal to earn B Corp certification, Tres Tribus is fully carbon neutral and committed to acting in an environmentally responsible manner.

Fully Carbon Neutral

All of Tres Tribus’ packaging is environmentally-friendly, including bottles made from recycled glass as well as labels made from recycled paper and reprocessed aluminum.

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