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Designed for both newcomers and aficionados alike, Espadín offers a versatile foundation for mezcal exploration and cocktail crafting, showcasing a vibrant medley of citrus and herbal notes.

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  • On the nose

    A harmonious blend of green raw agave imparts an herbal essence, complemented by a gentle smokiness. Fragrances of lemon and orange are entwined with floral notes, notably hibiscus, alongside hints of peppermint, a medley of spices, and a subtle chocolate aroma.

  • On the eye

    Crystal clear, bright and transparent with subtle silver hues.

  • On the palate

    Notes of citrus fruits and spices blend seamlessly with the green, herbal qualities of raw agave. Caramel and floral notes are interlaced with chocolate, culminating in a sweet and delicately smoky finish.